Air Comfort has officially announced the completion of all HVAC work on Shell’s deep-water Appomattox platform. Air Comfort designed, built, installed, and commissioned all of the HVAC systems in the Appomattox LQ and Topsides Modules. In total, 16 systems and over 1200 tons were installed on the Appomattox platform. Air Comfort was instrumental in designing the first ever blast-rated air handling units (AHU) for the 42,000 sq. ft. living quarters. The base foundation and the north section of the air handling unit was built and designed to 0.3 bar. Located 80 miles off the coast from Louisiana, The Appomattox deep-water platform is Shell’s largest offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Appomattox consists of a semi-submersible, four-column production host platform, a subsea system featuring six drill centers, 15 producing wells, and five water injection wells. The platform weighs 125,000 metric tons, reaches water depths of 7,400 ft., and will produce 175,000 barrels of oil per day.


Jacob’s Engineering Project Leader Walter Pilie had this to add: “I have experienced Air Comfort throughout the entire life cycle of a project, from design to bidding, to construction, commission, and startup. That experience has brought a great appreciation of the dedication and knowledge that Air Comfort brings to the project. I quote the project architect on these large living quarter projects as saying ‘the quarters are really an HVAC system with a building around it.’ No truer words can describe these projects. The size and complexity of these HVAC systems, with the added wrinkle of having to design for an offshore environment make these HVAC systems intricate projects in their own rights. Air Comfort has a solid understanding of equipment, it’s limitations, how to customize it for the desired life, how to control all the pieces for a fully functional system throughout its range of operation, and how to actually run these systems! Air Comfort has positioned itself as a premier supplier of HVAC systems for Shell’s offshore GOM projects. Having seen the effort that they have put into entire systems from start to finish, and the design support they are providing for Appomattox, it is my opinion that they have earned that position.”


“Engineering for this project started in early 2014 and construction began in 2016,” said Bret Babineaux, Air Comfort President. “I’m proud of our team and their constant desire to exceed our customers’ expectations with quality workmanship and service. I want to thank everyone within the company that worked tirelessly to complete this job on schedule and in a manner that reflects our company’s standards. We would also like to thank everyone we’ve worked with on this project: Shell, WS Nelson, Jacob’s Engineering, Kiewit Offshore, Broadmoor, HTE, and MCC. We look forward to the next project.”




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