With summer just around the corner, you’ll soon be relying on your air conditioner unit to cool your home. However, certain habits or mistakes could spell trouble for your equipment. In addition to increased energy bills, they could cause your AC unit to work inefficiently in the long run. Today, Air Comfort Inc., your local cooling and heating repair contractor, shares the things you need to avoid doing to your air conditioner.

Not Changing or Cleaning Filters

In addition to poor airflow, dirty HVAC filters can cause the evaporator coil to freeze. This forces the unit to work harder to provide cool air indoors, affecting the interior components of the AC unit up to the point of breaking down. To prevent the equipment from failing early in its service life, make it a habit to clean or change the filters. Ideally, this is done once every three months. However, if the system is expected to run for most of the summer season, be sure to change filters every month.

Setting the Thermostat Too Low

Don’t be one of those people who mistakenly believe that setting the thermostat lower will help cool the room faster. Air conditioning installation pros recommend setting your thermostat to 78F (26C). Keeping it at this level allows you to stay cool in the summer while also avoiding high electricity costs. You’ll even lower your bill by a significant amount if you adjust the temperature gradually until it’s in the high 70s.

Not Using Fans

It can be tempting to just let your AC unit operate for most of the day. However, cooling and heating service pros recommend using electric fans to ease some of the burden of your equipment. Any type of fan can help keep cool air circulating inside your home. though ceiling fans work particularly well.

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