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  1. Why Are Annual Tune-Ups Important for Your Air Conditioner?

    Residential, commercial and marine HVAC systems all need routine maintenance to stay efficient. When your air conditioning system receives regular care, you can avoid system breakdowns and costly repairs. This will also help prevent energy loss, which can increase your utility costs. 

  2. Common Commercial HVAC Mistakes that Waste Energy

    As a building owner or manager, it’s your duty to make sure that everything is working as it should, including heating and cooling systems. This component of your property is essential to the comfort and health of the occupants. Your HVAC equipment must be maintained regularly, and to keep it efficient you need to make…

  3. Habits & Mistakes to Avoid When Using Your AC Unit

    With summer just around the corner, you’ll soon be relying on your air conditioner unit to cool your home. However, certain habits or mistakes could spell trouble for your equipment. In addition to increased energy bills, they could cause your AC unit to work inefficiently in the long run. Today, Air Comfort Inc., your local…

  4. Hiring HVAC Contractors: A Quick Guide

    Shopping for a new heating or cooling system involves a lot of research. In addition to the energy efficiency ratings and advanced features of certain equipment, you also have to look up and determine how much you’ll be saving on your monthly energy bills and how soon your new equipment will pay for itself.

  5. Tips for Childproofing Your HVAC Registers

    Young children are curious creatures, and they tend to grip not only their toys but also the floor vents. They can drop small items into the air vents and even end up hurting themselves on them. It can be a challenge to prevent them from touching this component of your HVAC system.