Optimization & Service

We preserve the value of your investment.

We do more than just design and install the equipment; we also provide ongoing maintenance. Even the best air conditioning, heating or ventilation system loses efficiency without proper maintenance by experienced specialists.

Proper maintenance should always include checks and any necessary adjustments to your system’s refrigerant, airflow and mechanical, temperature, and humidity controls.

Air Comfort offers customers a variety of planned maintenance programs including Total Service Plan (warranty extension), Energy Savings Agreement and Air Filter Changes.

To ensure that you enjoy the optimum in your system investment and avoid costly downtime, we ensure that your system works at its most efficient.

We offer a variety of maintenance programs designed to suit your company’s needs including a:

Total Service Plan (warranty extension)

Energy Savings Agreement Plan

Air Filter Change Plan

All of these plans include the following testing and adjustments:

Refrigerant levels


Mechanical operation