Winter in Texas may be shorter and milder than in other regions, but there are rare days when it can become bitingly cold. At these times. keep your home toasty and comfortable by turning up the heat. However, if you haven’t fired up your heating system in a while or you just got a new one installed, you might notice a burning odor coming from it. This isn’t always a reason to call the fire
When renovating your home this season, ensure the process goes smoothly by covering all the bases. This means taking the necessary measures to protect your home components from unnecessary mess and damage. One particular component you should focus on is the HVAC system. Here a trusted air conditioning installation company in the area, Air Comfort, Inc., shares ways to keep your HVAC unit intact during a home renovation.   Make sure the HVAC system is turned off
Maintaining a comfortable, energy-efficient home is simple enough with proper HVAC operation and regular maintenance. But exactly how old is your current HVAC unit? If it hasn’t been updated in the last decade, it’s probably still using a single-speed blower motor, which turns on your heating and cooling system at full throttle. This isn’t the best way to improve energy efficiency–so you should consider switching to a variable-speed system instead. Air Comfort, Inc., the premier air
A heat pump doesn’t use fuel to generate heat like furnaces and boilers do. Instead, it transfers heat from one area to another. It can also cool homes by moving heat out of the house to lower indoor temperatures. The heat pump can indeed be used either as a heating and cooling system rolled into one or as a complement to your conventional heating and cooling equipment. One thing you need to know about heat
With cooler weather comes the need for indoor warmth. However, many households find that they have significant temperature inconsistencies in certain rooms. Also known as hot and cold spots, this comfort imbalance happens when the temperature upstairs is right where you want it but it becomes colder as you go downstairs. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure uniform airflow in every part of your home. Air Comfort, one of the top heating and air conditioning installation contractors