Maintaining a comfortable, energy-efficient home is simple enough with proper HVAC operation and regular maintenance. But exactly how old is your current HVAC unit? If it hasn’t been updated in the last decade, it’s probably still using a single-speed blower motor, which turns on your heating and cooling system at full throttle. This isn’t the best way to improve energy efficiency–so you should consider switching to a variable-speed system instead. Air Comfort, Inc., the premier air conditioning service company in the area, shares some of the reasons here. 


Improved energy efficiency. The fact is, single-speed HVAC systems operate at 100% power and energy when bringing your home to the desired temperature. Once it does, it will turn off, then cycle on and off repeatedly throughout the day while at full capacity. To keep your energy costs to a minimum, you should make the switch to a variable-speed HVAC unit. Unlike the former option, it can switch between different power modes each time it needs to regulate your home’s indoor temperature. Because a variable-speed unit doesn’t turn on at full capacity, it uses less energy, which means greater energy savings.

Effective dehumidification. Compared to a single-speed unit, a variable-speed HVAC system can dehumidify your home more efficiently. A single-speed unit only cycles on and off based on temperature needs–not humidity levels. But if you have a variable-speed system, it will steadily remove moisture from the air at a lower power setting for a longer period of time. This allows for a cooler, drier feel inside your home, while ensuring improved indoor air quality.

Reduced noise transfer. Single-speed HVAC units create too much noise when cycling on and off. This won’t be a problem when you switch to a variable-speed system. It generates less noise during its operation, meaning you can avoid noise pollution in your home and the associated health risks involved with it.

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