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  1. 4 Popular Myths About Central Air Conditioners

    Thousands of homeowners across the country use a central air conditioning system to keep their living space thermally comfortable and efficient., but there are still those who hesitate to invest in this system. Which is understandable, given the different myths going around about this type of air conditioner. Air Comfort, Inc., the trusted air conditioning…

  2. What to Check Before Setting Up an HVAC Service

    Your heating and cooling system works to maintain an optimal temperature inside your home. Given how it sees frequent use, especially during the summer, it may start having performance issues. Before calling your local HVAC expert for a service appointment, however, you might want to try checking the system yourself and doing a bit of…

  3. Air Conditioner Refrigerants: How They Work

    Refrigerant can be in either liquid or gas form, and is necessary for the efficiency of your air conditioner. It absorbs heat from the environment and provides air conditioning with the help of compressors and evaporators. While it’s an important component of your HVAC system, not many are aware of how refrigerants function. 

  4. Tips for Childproofing Your HVAC Registers

    Young children are curious creatures, and they tend to grip not only their toys but also the floor vents. They can drop small items into the air vents and even end up hurting themselves on them. It can be a challenge to prevent them from touching this component of your HVAC system. 

  5. Energy Saving Hacks for Summer

    With the summer heat comes potential strain on your A/C system, which could lead to costly repairs. Here are some helpful energy saving hacks to help keep your system running efficiently all summer long. Close Blinds or Curtains Closing the window blinds in your home could help you cut energy costs in your home. The…