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  1. Why Do Heat Pumps Run Constantly in Cold Weather?

    A heat pump doesn’t use fuel to generate heat like furnaces and boilers do. Instead, it transfers heat from one area to another. It can also cool homes by moving heat out of the house to lower indoor temperatures. The heat pump can indeed be used either as a heating and cooling system rolled into…

  2. Important Tips to Ensure Uniform Indoor Warmth This Winter

    With cooler weather comes the need for indoor warmth. However, many households find that they have significant temperature inconsistencies in certain rooms. Also known as hot and cold spots, this comfort imbalance happens when the temperature upstairs is right where you want it but it becomes colder as you go downstairs.

  3. Winter Maintenance Tips for Commercial Refrigeration Systems

    The colder months are here. Are your refrigeration systems in good condition? Now is the time to give walk-in freezers, chillers and other commercial refrigeration units the attention they deserve. In so doing, you minimize the chances of them performing poorly for the upcoming months. Keep in mind that problems with one of their components…