With cooler weather comes the need for indoor warmth. However, many households find that they have significant temperature inconsistencies in certain rooms. Also known as hot and cold spots, this comfort imbalance happens when the temperature upstairs is right where you want it but it becomes colder as you go downstairs.

Air balancing tips

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure uniform airflow in every part of your home. Air Comfort, one of the top heating and air conditioning installation contractors in the area, provides some helpful tips here.

Check the supply registers. Begin by setting the thermostat at a comfortable temperature and then assess the areas that are too hot or too cold. Sometimes, you may find that the air registers are closed in rooms where the temperature is off. This prevents heat from entering the living space, so the temperature there isn’t affected much by changes you make to your thermostat. Make the necessary adjustments until the temperature reaches a comfortable state of equilibrium inside your home.

Remove obstructions near return registers. These look like supply registers but are larger and don’t have levers. For them to function properly, make sure there’s no clutter lying near them. Keep the area around the register clear if you can. If this isn’t possible, consider purchasing a deflector to redirect the air out from underneath your indoor fixtures.

Check your HVAC ductwork. Uneven temperatures around the house can be the result of low airflow through the ducts. Get in touch with a heating repair technician and have your home’s ductwork inspected. Leaky ducts will prevent your heating system from performing efficiently this winter.

Schedule regular HVAC maintenance. Air balancing in your home can be done by optimizing your HVAC system for consistent heating output. For this, you need a reliable contractor that can perform regular inspections and repairs to keep your unit in top shape all-year-round. By increasing its efficiency, you can better enjoy energy savings and prevent your system from failing early in its lifespan.

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