When renovating your home this season, ensure the process goes smoothly by covering all the bases. This means taking the necessary measures to protect your home components from unnecessary mess and damage. One particular component you should focus on is the HVAC system. Here a trusted air conditioning installation company in the area, Air Comfort, Inc., shares ways to keep your HVAC unit intact during a home renovation.  


Make sure the HVAC system is turned off and some registers are closed. Avoid running your heating and cooling system if possible while the work is in progress. But if you have to, close the registers in the rooms where work is being done. This way, dust, debris and other particles generated by the renovation won’t get pulled into the system and circulated throughout your home. However, don’t close ALL the registers, as this might cut airflow to the system.

Schedule a prompt HVAC inspection following the renovation. Some specific areas to have professionally checked are the blowers, ductwork and indoor coils. Dust and debris may have accumulated inside them, which can severely affect HVAC performance when overlooked. Just turn to your reliable air conditioning and heating service company, Air Comfort, Inc., and we’ll have our trained, experienced technicians perform a comprehensive HVAC checkup and recommend the necessary solution should we discover any issues.

Dust control is crucial. Make sure you and your renovation company are on the same page about protecting your home from excessive dust. Use plastic tarps to isolate the work site and take measures that keep dust to a minimum inside your home.

Check the air filter. During a home renovation, make sure to check the filter of your HVAC system regularly. Clean or replace it as necessary, especially once the work has been completed. This helps prevent a blockage, which can hamper the way conditioned air is distributed throughout your home and put unnecessary strain on the unit itself. 

Whether you need quality heating repair or HVAC maintenance, Air Comfort, Inc. will definitely deliver. You can expect more-than-satisfactory results when you choose us to handle your HVAC needs. We proudly serve Beaumont, TX, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (409) 833-5665 or fill out this contact form to schedule your HVAC evaluation.