Residential, commercial and marine HVAC systems all need routine maintenance to stay efficient. When your air conditioning system receives regular care, you can avoid system breakdowns and costly repairs. This will also help prevent energy loss, which can increase your utility costs. 

They Prevent Hot & Cold Spots

Temperature imbalances can be caused by excessive sunlight exposure, insufficient insulation and leaky windows. However, HVAC issues can also contribute to this problem. Regular air conditioning and heating service can help you determine why some rooms in your home or building are harder to cool than others. 

They Prevent Mold Growth 

A damaged or blocked outdoor compressor can cause excessive moisture and unpleasant odors indoors. An annual air conditioner tune-up can help detect this problem in its early stages before mold starts to grow. Keep in mind that mold isn’t just unsightly: it can also be harmful to your health. You’ll notice some areas of your home or building getting more humid if your air conditioner fails to dehumidify them. 

They Wil Help You Save on Energy Costs

Addressing cooling or heating repair immediately can help you avoid major HVAC problems as well as delay the need for a replacement. Issues like leaky air ducts and clogged filters can prevent conditioned air from blowing properly from air registers. These problems can be detected and fixed easily by a professional during the annual tune-up. 

They Can Extend the Lifespan of Your AC System

Your AC goes through a lot during the hot summer months. Routine maintenance and tune-ups will help reduce the likelihood of system breakdowns. Even a mere 0.042 inches of dust in your AC unit can cause the equipment to lose its efficiency by up to 21%. 

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