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  1. Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning

    With the air conditioner now a staple in millions of homes across the country, having one isn’t that big of a deal anymore–at least until it starts failing. A perfectly functional AC system is especially handy during the hottest time of the year, allowing you to spend your time indoors in relative comfort. That’s why…

  2. Energy Saving Hacks for Summer

    With the summer heat comes potential strain on your A/C system, which could lead to costly repairs. Here are some helpful energy saving hacks to help keep your system running efficiently all summer long. Close Blinds or Curtains Closing the window blinds in your home could help you cut energy costs in your home. The…

  3. Airing Your Home Q & A: Essentials You Should Know

    Introducing fresh air into your home is now even more important since summer is already here. After all, sufficient ventilation can make a huge difference in maintaining a healthy, comfortable indoor environment. But exactly how much fresh air should you allow into your home? The trusted cooling and heating service in the area, Air Comfort, Inc., answers…

  4. Why Are Annual Tune-Ups Important for Your Air Conditioner?

    Residential, commercial and marine HVAC systems all need routine maintenance to stay efficient. When your air conditioning system receives regular care, you can avoid system breakdowns and costly repairs. This will also help prevent energy loss, which can increase your utility costs. 

  5. Hiring HVAC Contractors: A Quick Guide

    Shopping for a new heating or cooling system involves a lot of research. In addition to the energy efficiency ratings and advanced features of certain equipment, you also have to look up and determine how much you’ll be saving on your monthly energy bills and how soon your new equipment will pay for itself.