With the air conditioner now a staple in millions of homes across the country, having one isn’t that big of a deal anymore–at least until it starts failing. A perfectly functional AC system is especially handy during the hottest time of the year, allowing you to spend your time indoors in relative comfort. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to learn more about it and what it can do for your home and HVAC needs. The trusted cooling and heating service provider in the area, Air Comfort, Inc. has got you covered. We answer some of the most often-asked questions about AC systems here.



How can you tell your AC has issues?

Is the air conditioner suddenly making new or unusual noises or generating a new smell? Maybe the system isn’t blowing cold air properly into your rooms, or perhaps it’s blowing hot air instead. Have you noticed a dramatic increase in your utility bills even with normal usage?

When your AC unit is displaying some or all of these warning signs, have it checked promptly. Air Comfort, Inc. can help you with this. We’re not just your go-to choice for heating repair in the area–we can also handle your air conditioning needs. Let our trained and experienced HVAC technicians inspect your air conditioner thoroughly and perform the necessary repair work to keep the unit in good working order.

Should you go for an AC replacement?

Because your air conditioning system sees constant use, it will start developing issues over time. Sometimes, the problem is serious enough to make you consider a replacement. But is it this the best solution? First, take the age of your current AC unit into account. You might need a new system if your current one is already a decade old. 

You should also research the cost of repairs and compare them with the price of a new AC system. Having a broken compressor repaired, for example, can be just as costly as getting a new air conditioner. What you can do is have Air Comfort, Inc., assess the overall condition of your existing unit, and if new air conditioning installation is on the table, we’ll help you explore your available options.

What are the different types of air conditioners?

Your choice of AC system will depend on the size of your home and your specific needs. For example, there are packaged central air conditioners which come with the evaporator, condenser and compressor “packaged” together in a single cabinet. They’re a great option for homes with limited space. If this option isn’t for you, there are also central AC systems–the most common type available. They consist of an outdoor and indoor unit and move cold air throughout your home via a network of ducts. 

Another excellent choice is the ductless or mini-split AC system. It’s similar to central air conditioners in that it comes with an outdoor and indoor unit, but unlike the latter, it doesn’t require ductwork to cool your home. Whether you choose a packaged, split or ductless AC system, make sure to work only with a premier HVAC company like Air Comfort, Inc. for their installation.

How do you take care of your AC system?

It always pays to take measures that prevent issues from developing with your air conditioner. This means doing a bit of cleaning and maintenance. You can, for example, check the air filters of your AC unit; if they’re choked with dust and debris, replace them immediately to ensure proper airflow. 

Clear any shrubs or tall grass from around your outdoor AC unit to avoid blockages and debris buildup. Make sure the actual unit is clean, as well. Most importantly, schedule regular air conditioning service with Air Comfort, Inc., so we can assess your system’s overall condition and put a stop to any emerging problems.

How do you reduce your air conditioning bills?

One of the first things you should do to reduce your air conditioning bills is get a smart thermostat. This allows you to manage your home’s cooling through automatic programmable temperature settings based on your schedule and other needs. To prevent hot spots inside your home (which can increase your cooling bills during the summer) draw closed the curtains and blinds of windows facing east and west. 

What should you do if there’s a refrigerant leak?

Refrigerant is a chemical blend that allows your air conditioning system to cool your home properly. The loss of refrigerant because of a leak can compromise the performance and service life of your AC unit. To deal with this, turn to the reliable air conditioning repair company, Air Comfort, Inc. We’ll seal up any leaks and restore the proper amount of refrigerant to your AC unit.

Is it possible to replace the outdoor unit of the AC and keep the indoor one?

Technically, keeping the indoor unit intact and having the outdoor one replaced is possible. However, a mismatched system will increase energy usage considerably, while also reducing the AC unit’s overall efficiency. You’re better off replacing both components of your air conditioner at the same time. 

Along with marine HVAC services, Air Comfort, Inc., can handle your residential cooling needs. Expect only the highest-quality HVAC solutions when you work with us for your AC upgrade. We proudly serve Beaumont, TX, and surrounding areas. Call us today at (409) 833-5665 or fill out this contact form to schedule your HVAC evaluation.