Interesting design elements and history go hand in hand with older homes, but unlike their modern counterparts they can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to heating and cooling them efficiently. To ensure your older home remains thermally comfortable in every season, you’ll want to take care of any HVAC problems. Air Comfort, Inc., the area’s trusted air conditioning service company, discusses some of them here.

Leaky Duct System

Ductwork distributes cooled and heated air throughout your home, but when the seals at its joints and elbows lose their effectiveness, leaks can occur. The conditioned air exits through these openings, flowing behind the walls and ceilings instead of filling your living space. This results in considerable energy loss, which in turn means higher monthly bills.

Solution: Have your ductwork checked by a trusted HVAC company like Air Comfort, Inc. Our trained, experienced technicians will inspect its overall condition and seal any leaks they find to prevent further issues.

Poor Airflow

If it feels like the indoor temperature of your older home is inconsistent, your existing ductwork may already be outdated, or there could be dust, dirt and debris building up inside the system, preventing proper air distribution. Check your ducts to see if there’s a thick layer of grime around the opening. 

Solution: Turn to the area’s premier air conditioner repair expert, Air Comfort, Inc. We can upgrade your older home’s duct design. Plus, we can take a look at the air ducts and clear them of dust and debris, as well. This not only supports proper airflow but allows for better indoor air quality, as well.

Lack of Zoning

An older home typically uses a single, often outdated thermostat that controls the temperature of all its levels and rooms. While this ensures that every space has  a consistent temperature, it’s also a waste of energy and money because you’ll be heating and cooling unused rooms.

Solution: Invest in a modern HVAC design that allows you to designate zones with separate controls. This means you can cool your bedroom as you sleep without doing the same to an empty room like the living room or kitchen.

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