Thousands of homeowners across the country use a central air conditioning system to keep their living space thermally comfortable and efficient., but there are still those who hesitate to invest in this system. Which is understandable, given the different myths going around about this type of air conditioner. Air Comfort, Inc., the trusted air conditioning and heating repair company in the area, debunks some of these popular myths here.

Myth: The bigger the AC unit, the better the cooling performance. 

The size of your central air conditioning system should be based on your home’s square footage and specific needs. With proper sizing and installation, your central air conditioner will cycle on and off at various intervals to maintain an optimal temperature inside your home. In fact, a long on-and-off cycle is preferable for energy-efficient operation and humidity removal.

Myth: Energy-efficient central AC systems automatically lower energy costs.

Here’s what’s up: energy-efficient units do consume less energy. However, they need to be correctly sized and installed by a premier air conditioning and heating service expert like Air Comfort, Inc. Unless you have a perfectly-sized unit and a properly-designed and -installed duct system, your central AC won’t be able to keep your energy bills to a minimum.

Myth: Central air conditioners are noisy. 

Most AC units generate a quiet buzzing or humming sound when in operation. However, there are now central air conditioning systems available that come equipped with sound dampeners so your home can remain a haven of peace and quiet. 

Myth: You should use duct tape to seal the ducts of your central AC. 

Duct tape may be effective on other projects, but it’s not a recommended solution for repairing leaky ducts. For one thing, it isn’t durable enough, and you’ll have a hard time trying to make it stick to the surface of the ducts. What you should do is invest in professional duct sealing services from Air Comfort, Inc. to keep the system in great condition.

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