As one of the most trusted air conditioning service contractors in the area, Air Comfort Inc. only wants what’s best for your home’s HVAC system, which is why we provide quality products and services to address your needs. Of course, no heating and cooling system is  complete without a warranty. If you want to make the most of yours, here’s what you should avoid doing to keep your HVAC warranty intact: 

Not Scheduling Regular Maintenance

It’s essential to get a yearly tune-up for your unit if you want to keep it in good working condition. This a requirement for most HVAC warranties, and yours will become void if you don’t schedule professional tune-ups for your system every year. You’ll also need to keep a record of these tune-ups as evidence.

Using Off-Label Parts for Repairs

Manufacturers typically suggest using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts on their HVAC equipment, as these parts have been thoroughly tested for compatibility and functionality. Some HVAC repair companies may use off-label repair parts to save money, but if you want to keep your warranty intact, make sure that any repairs performed include components specified by the manufacturer. 

Not Registering the Warranty

When you purchase your new unit or other product, don’t forget to fill out the necessary paperwork. Some homeowners actually have a tendency to set the paperwork aside and forget about it, which will create issues later on when you unexpectedly need repairs. Sometimes, not registering your warranty immediately after purchase can void it altogether. This is why you should register your unit’s warranty as soon as you make the purchase, even if you hate doing the paperwork.

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